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Khanem Ketenjian (Armenuhi) – Խանում Քեթենջեան


Women’s Unit Commander – (Armenian Resistance in Urfa)

A graduate of the American college in Kharpert, she actively participated in the resistance of Urfa in 1915 and took the lead of the women’s fighter’s unit in defense of the city but was killed the same year when the Turkish army broke in and slaughtered the Armenian residents.  Unfortunatly, we know very little about her life.

“On our arrival at Urfa we told everything that had  happened to us. So the inhabitants of Urfa preferred  death to exile. Miss Khanim Ketenjian, the daughter  of the richest family and a graduate of the Euphrates  College, joined the Armenian fighters and shot twenty  to thirty Turkish gendarmes, and then she herself became a martyr. The Government could do nothing until they had the guns brought from Adana. So, at the  command of German officers and artillerymen, the Armenians in Urfa were wiped out.” -Esther Meguerdichian, From Turkish toils: The narrative of an Armenian family’s escape, Cornell University.


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