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The Deaconess in the Armenian Church – 19th Century


“The deaconess in the Armenian Church is part of the rich fabric of Armenian Church tradition. While historical documentation does not always agree about the actual role of deaconesses, it is known that they were not identical to male deacons in their role or function. However, studies have shown that their roles included social services, teaching, sometimes serving at the altar, and even baptizing other women in special circumstances. They were also celibate and lived in communities, like nuns.” – Sevan Boghosian, (Armenian reporter, 2009) full article here.

Photo: Peter Carapetian, in Gregory Lima, “The Costumes of Armenian Women” (Tehran, 1974).

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The Deaconess in the Armenian Church, A Brief Survey
Fr. Abel Oghlukian
St. Nersess Seminary Press

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