Armenian Women

in search of Herstory

Hayganush Mark (1883-1966)


feminist Writer, Editor, Journalist

She was born in Constantinople in 1883 and attended the Yesayan school. She worked as a teacher. In 1907 she married the publisher Vahan Toshigian and was in charge of editing the women’s page in the her husband’s periodical, Arshaluys. She edited a women’s periodical, Dzaghig, from 1905-1907  and founded her own feminist periodical, Hay Gin (Armenian women)  in 1919. In her articles she often raised the women’s rights issues in Constantinople and the Armenian community and cooperated with other female writers to raise awareness on the situation of women living in rural areas.

“Hayganoush Mark was a prominent Armenian feminist journalist who managed to uninterruptedly continue a woman’s journal, Hay Gin, from 1919 to 1933 in Bolis/Istanbul” –Lerna Ekmecioglu

She also published later in her life in 1954, an autobiographical book on her work and a reprint of some of the most important articles in Hay Gin.


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