Armenian Women

in search of Herstory

Sahakdukht (8th century)


Musician, Healer, Music Therapist

Famous musician, Sahakdukht was the sister of the great writer Stepanos Syunetsi. Her brother was known for his translations of classical Greek Literature to Armenian. He was tragically assassinated and after his death, Sahakdukht fell into a deep grief and retired in a cave in the valley of Garni, district of Syunik. But she was not alone in her retreat, many people followed her and mainly those suffering from nervous diseases. Hidden behind a curtain, Sahakdukht played her lyre to heal people suffering from melancholia and nervousness.  It was the start of music therapy. She became so famous, that after her death, people continued visiting her grave for pilgrimage.

Source: Vahram Torkomian, Les armeniennes dans l’histoire de la medecine, 1986


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