Armenian Women

in search of Herstory

Queen Erato – Էրատո թագուհի (c. 3 BC-8 AD)


The last member on the throne of the Artaxiad Dynasty, she was the daughter of Armenian King Tigranes III and half-sister/wife of King Tigranes IV. In the centuries before Christianity, incestuous marriages were common in Hellenistic courts in order to preserve the purity of the royal blood. She was the only Armenian sovereign to ascend to the throne three times. Erato reigned along with her brother Tigranes IV from 8 to 5 BC, 2 BC to 2 and later with Tigranes V, 6 to 11 for almost 34 years. She was known to be a strong and ruled with vigilance.


Kurkjian V., A history of Armenia, 2008


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