Armenian Women

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Diana Abgar – Դիանա Աբգար (1859-1937)

diana abgar

Diana Abgar was born in Rangoon, Burma of Armenian parents from Persia (Iran) and grew up in India. Her real name is Anahit Aghabek (Aghabekyan). In 1889 she married a Hong Kong merchant Mickael Abgar and moved to Japan where she started her literature career. After the death of her husband in 1906, she went to Yokohama with her children. In 1919 she was appointed consul general of the Republic of Armenia in Japan and became the first female ambassador in the east to occupy a diplomatic position. Abgar wrote books, editorials and appeals for her country in several languages and during the Armenian genocide, she helped a number of Armenian refugees, who through Siberia and Japan were moving to the USA. In Vladivostok about 500 Armenians were gathered, most of them moved to the USA with Diana Abgar’s help.


Diana Der-Hovanessian, The Other Voice, 2005


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